August 2016


“My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Jay Grono of Tuscan Designs for any project that you may have. We wanted to build a new home in a mature neighborhood and we contacted Jay while we were still “dreaming”. Once we had found a property that we liked, Jay came and looked at it with us to see if it would be suitable. His knowledge of in-fill bylaws impressed even our realtor with 30 years experience.


Jay arranged for demolition of the old house, and advised us during the design phase with BOSS Designs (who are also incredible); even attending a few meetings with us. He built our house with the same attention and care that we had and his sub-trades were professional, timely and competent. Our new neighbors have even commented to us how smoothly the whole process was and how considerate Jay and the sub-trades were.


We told Jay how important it was for us to stay on budget for this project and he promptly advised any time we were even a few dollars over, which allowed us to make changes along the way. His original pricing of our home was so accurate it was easy to stay within budget.


Personally, Jay is easy-going, on time (which is rare in the trades), competent and just a joy to work with. We trusted him to do the job and he did exactly what we asked for. I would say that he even went above what other builders have done for us. All of the sub-trades were equally easy to work with and the finish of our home is beyond what we had hoped for.


While we are happy that our house is complete, we are a bit sad that our working relationship with Jay is over. We are very proud to have our new Tuscan Designs home.”


Heidi Cheung

May 2015


Hands down, not a doubt in my mind would I build again with Tuscan Designs. Fantastic to work with. From the planning stages of our new home, literally drawing a box on paper, to the last final touch-ups of paint has been a pleasure. A major reason we hired Tuscan Designs was because they are a smaller builder. To me, that’s great as I had hoped to have more of an interactive experience with the build, which we did. Jay (owner), has been fantastic. Very quick to response via phone, text or email addressing any concerns. If he didn’t have the answer, he tracked down someone who did without hesitation.


It was easy to see how Jay learns from experiences, and uses this to further educate his clients, and make recommendations that we are very happy for. We asked for his honest opinion on some things as this was our first build, and we got it. So far, his recommendations that we followed have been a “phew – glad we listened” as he is very good at seeing the final product. He realizes when people are acting on impulse, and is very good at explaining his past experiences with clients, and how it might affect our decision.


The contractors that work with Tuscan are great. I will admit, of the 2 dozen different companies and contractors involved with the build, there are only maybe 2 that I wouldn’t recommend. But I will note that after Jay was finished with each of these 2, all worked out well. He fulfilled is quality control to make sure that every detail was taken care of.


Pricing was very competitive. Our original quote was within 4% of our final price, but that also includes our upgrades, and changes that we made. Really, we would have been almost bang on budget.


T. Snook

June 2014


We met Jay in September 2013 to discuss building our new home. We immediately felt comfortable with Jay and felt Tuscan Designs was the right choice for us. Construction started shortly after and everything was on schedule, and in some cases ahead of schedule. Jay was always available for all our questions/concerns and very patient with what I’m sure seemed like a million questions. He is a hands on builder, being on the jobsite several times a week. Tuscan Designs uses quality tradesmen, who we were extremely happy with. The finished project was more than we had imagined. We love our new home and would recommend Tuscan Designs to anyone who is building their dream home.


Laurie Watson

July 2014


We choose Tuscan Designs Inc. over other custom builders because they are more personal with the building and design process. Their expertise was very helpful, and most importantly they stayed on budget building our office space from scratch . Their customer service was exceptional. We had such a great experience building and designing our office space and would choose them again if we ever build again in the future! Superb service all around from start to finish!


Cherie Laplante





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